The Justice and Accountability Movement

for Africa

There can be

No Peace without Justice

No Prosperity without Peace, and

No Progress without Accountability

The Justice and Accountability Movement - The JAM. The JAM is a 10-year plan to revive the lost promise of the Pan-African Movement namely - Pride and Dignity of the African Peoples in Motherland, and in the Diaspora.


The movement's plan is simple: Over the next 10 Years, The Justice and Accountability Movement Party (The JAM Party) will back Presidential candidates across 10 African countries, under a Pan-African Agenda of Economic Freedom for Africa, Opportunity for All. Personally, I'll be vying for the Presidency of the Republic of Kenya under the movement's banner, in the 2032 General Election.


To this end, I am committing to raise $10 Million USD over the next 10 years to facilitate the activities of The JAM across the contient. Your personal donation of just $100 will go a long way in transforming African politics – from do or die competition to a #WeThePeople Agenda.


Building on the work of leading Pan-Africanist – from Pio Gama Pinto to Julius Malema, Thomas Sankara to Robert Kyagulanyi – the movement will focus singularly on the goal of engineering a new social-contract with the ultimate aim of reclaiming Africa’s position at the center of the global economy by the year 2100.


Indeed, from Slavery to Colonialism, African labor has powered the so-called Western Civilization with little to show in economic gains for our people. However, by the year 2100, 1 in 3 people walking the earth will be Black/African. This means that Africa will become the world’s factory, its primary growth market, nutrition basket, as well as the left lung of our green planet.


Our call to Justice stems from our belief in the primary purpose of the state – ensuring peaceful co-existence of all under it’s jurisdiction. There can be no peace without justice and no prosperity without peace. Similarly, our call for Accountability is a promise to uphold the highest standards of Integrity as a prerequisite for Shared Prosperity. For there can be No Prosperity without Accountability.


Our quest for inter-generational transfer of power is but a quest to forestall the calamitous repercussions of a lopsided demographic pyramid - the youngest population and the oldest leaders in the world!


#WeTheAfricanPeople must take the lead on the #GlobalInclusionAgenda by embracing and expounding on the African value system of #Ubuntu/Utu/Úúmúndú – “I am because we are.”


60 years of independence have done little to advance the dignity of the African people in the world, despite the relentless match towards globalization. The global march for #BlackLivesMatter, revealed Africa's ignorant cynicism to the endemic problem of Anti-black racism around the world and throughout history. We now face the enormous challenge of actualizing the idea of Africa's Economic Freedom in a world that still views Africa as the bastard children of the universe.

Our forefathers fought for, and achieved, the freedom to determine our political destiny. Your generation has done its part in building an stable foundation for our national consciousness. Our generation will secure Africa’s economic freedom so that future generations of Africans and people of African descent embrace their African identity with pride and dignity.

The Justice and Accountability Movement gives us a simple but powerful promise: That if only we could just raise our eyes beyond the man-made borders that define us, we’ll see a beautiful, rich, vibrant and joyful homeland that is #MamaAfrica for us.

Job creation will remain a serious pain in the butt for every government that comes into power in Africa over the foreseeable future. Many will struggle to meet public expectations for jobs, most will fail and implode from within, and a diligent few will find a healthy balance between populist rhetoric and the realist sobriety of political economics.

The African philosophy of Ubuntu will birth new #GenerationalConsciousness worldwide and help heal the humanity from the key exigency of extreme capitalism - individualism and the moral corruption of our socioeconomic fabric.


An Africa-centered global economy will unleash a powerful wave of environmental (Green) and social enterprise jobs for millions of young people around the world for the next 100 years. Africa can generate 100 million #SustainableGreenJobs from intra-continental trade, by the year 2050.


Re-balanced global trade will easily double that number. The question now is not whether Africa will become a strategic powerhouse in the global economy, but whether this inevitability will be spearheaded by a #BlackFace or yet again co-opted by unscrupulous wheeler dealers.





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